The Best 20 Minute Workout For Beginner Without Any Equipment

Bodyweight Workout Plan For Beginners

Are you new to the whole world of exercise and interested in getting started? if so then you are definitely in the right place. In this article, you will learn about the best 20 minute workout for beginner in order to get into shape. the good news is that this can be done at home without the use of any equipment. this makes it very easy to complete and stick to on a daily basis.

The perfect fitness plan for you

This fitness plan is perfect for you since it does not require you to go out and purchase expensive and unnecessary equipment.

I will no inform you about a great way to get into shape and obtain the body of your dreams. A work out regimen can be completed anywhere you desire.

You may wish to do this outside in your backyard, at the park or even in your living room. The easy to do exercises and movements will be calisthenics workouts which will use your natural body weight. These will not only burn that stubborn belly fat but will also help you to build muscle and definition to your body.

So who is this workout regimen ideal for? This is perfect for you if you are unable to go to the gym due to time constraints or costs. Also if you are not interested in purchasing fancy equipment, which like mentioned above is not necessary to obtain a great body.


Along with this workout plan, I urge you to go on a small diet. You don’t need to do anything crazy like cut out junk food completely. However, my suggestion is that you try to best to heavily moderate the amount of junk food you eat and that you do your best to eat healthily. This will greatly aid you in seeing better results in a shorter amount of time.

Workout structure

This specific workout routine is called a “circuit routine”. This workout structure entails that you complete all exercises one after another without rest.

Once all of the exercises I will mention below are complete you will have finished 1 circuit. This specific workout plan requires you to complete 3 circuits. If you are able to I suggest that you do all 3 circuits back to back without rest. Doing this will not only provide better results but will also improve your stamina and physical conditioning.

If you are too tired to complete all 3 in succession then it is completely alright to take a break. Take a short break and then resume once you are up to it. It is better to be able to perform a better workout than get through it completely burnt out and not doing the exercises properly.

On your first attempt, you may be too out of shape to complete all 3 circuits. Do not be discouraged by this. Use this as motivation and as a milestone to work towards and track your progress.

So now what is the actual workout regime?

The first step to this circuit is a 5-minute workout. this is vital in order to prevent possible injuries during exercise. To do this you should do normal warm-ups like jump rope or run on the spot.

Next up will be 20 bodyweight squats. after this you should do 20 walking lunges, be sure to keep your back straight.

how to do squats

Next will be 10 reps of dumbell rows. If you do not have any dumbells you can substitute using a heavy object of your choice. After we have something I’m sure you have done before. A 15 second plank should be no problem for you to complete with ease.

plank exercise

Finally, the last exercise will be 30 repetitions of jumping jacks. Once this circuit is complete you should cool down by walking around slowly in order to lower your heart rate. This circuit should be complete 3 times. You can adjust the number of circuits by decreasing or increasing based on your fitness and experience level.

jumping jacks exercise

You should do circuit exercises at least 3 times a week. I recommend doing this workout regime every other day so you can give your body time to relax and have your muscles rebuild.

I would again like to reinforce that diet is key to seeing major results. Yes if you eat unhealthily you may still notice some results. However, eating healthy will get you into much better shape. You may have heard the popular saying “abs are made in the kitchen“. This is definitely true since eating healthy will make it much easier to lose belly fat and just fat in general.

Overall I hope that you gained valuable information from the best 20 minute workout for beginner article and found it enjoyable to read. I urge you to begin this workout regime right away in order to start working towards the body you have always dreamed of. Now you can’t use the excuse that you can’t exercise due to not having the proper equipment.

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